student room in budapest

Dean’s College Hotel: The proper accomodation for a foreign student in Budapest

As a foreigner student it could be difficult to find a proper accomodation. What does ‘proper’ mean to you? Well, for us it means the room is fully equipped and provide everything a student needs. If you’re studying and staying in Budapest, one of the best options is staying and Dean’s College Hotel. Let’s see why.

Own room, own bathroom

Most of the student hostels have one bathroom in each corridor. Students have to share it therefore wait for their turn who knows how long. In Dean’s College’s student rooms in Budapest you can have your own bathroom and kitchen. It’s much more comfortable this way. You don’t have to share and carry all your stuff every time you need to have a shower.

Proper studying corner

When you’re a student having a comfy bed is not enough. Of course sometimes it’s better to study on your bed, but you also need a proper desk and chair. In the rooms of Dean’s College Hotel you will have that as well. This way you can decide whether you wnat to study on your bed, or make the presentations at your desk.

Place for making friends and partying

Usually student accomodations only provide rooms and the basic needs of the students. However Dean’s has much more than that. It also has a community area where you can play billiard or just simly have a chat with your peers. What’s more, there is also a rooftop where students can have a gathering, have some refreshment and check the sundown.

Modern room

Having a room is one thing, having a room that looks cool is another. As a student you probably want to invite your friends sometime after school. Well, probably your friends don’t care how your room look, though it’s better if you can invite them to an extravagant one, right?