Do you know which movies were filmed in Budapest?

There are many great movies filmed in Budapest. For instance the latest movie of them is the long-awaited Marvel movie, the ‘Black Widow’ with Scarlett Johansson. But obviously it is not the only one. The famous comedy movie ’The Spy’ and the ’Gemini Man’ with Will Smith were also filmed here in the last few years. But why Budapest is so famous amoung the film production companies? We have to admit that the most important reason is the price. Filming in Hungary is cheaper than any other countries in Europe. Secondly it is not so hard to close areas of the city if it’s necessary. Budapest is a capital but is not as crowded as other European countries. And last but not least it is a beautiful city where you can film beautiful pictures. There are plenty of fascinating buildings, baths and mountains where you can create an exciting atmosphere for your movie.

great movies filmed in budapest